Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I help with anything?

Yes! Whatever you want! Please sign up on the team you want to help, while making your registration in the comment section or white us an email at with your wish, this is important since we need a lot of help. 
Remember, we work like Buddhas for Buddhas.
We have build up event before the course, please check info on Registration page. Also after the course you can stay and help to tear down and clean, more info on Registration page

What to bring?

The best attitude and cash!

IMPORTANT! Please bring your reusable bottle/thermos for water and refreshments. There will be reusable bottle/ thermos at the course that you can buy.

In case of camping it will be necessary that you bring your tent, mat or sleeping bag, and everything you need. There is always the possibility of rain.

Can I pay by card?

You will be able to pay online, however for each transaction 3% additional fee will be charged by third party service. We recommend to bring cash.

In what language will the course be taught?

The official language will be English.

What if I stay before/after course?

There is a separate registration for build up and tear down days. Please check the registration page or contact us at if you have additional questions.

What if I am traveling with kids?

Price for kids over 5 years old is going to be for meals - $60 for the whole course, to be paid on site. Please let us know during the registration what age are your kids and their name.

We are planning parent-organized child care for kids. ONLY during the programs. Child-care will be for additional cost, paid on site.

What if I need help with transportation?

There is a question during the registration, please mark if you need a transportation. You can also  contact us at

Any other recommendations?

Local friends are willing to recommend good places to eat, visit and dance, do not hesitate to ask us (:

Extra questions?

You can write to us at: