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June 30 - July 23, 2017

Tour with Pedro and Dorrit from Karma Guen

Pedro and Dorrit first met Lama Ole and Hannah Nydahl in 1984 at the Copenhagen Diamond Way Buddhist Center. After traveling with Lama Ole and Hannah, crossing North and South America, Australia, and parts of Asia, and making the famous secret journey through Tibet, Pedro had the inspiration to create a place in Spain that would benefit and protect the Karma Kagyu lineage and serve as a place for development. Dorrit and Pedro offered the place that later became "Karma Guen" as a gift to the lineage out of gratitude to their first teachers, Lama Ole and Hannah.

During this tour, their first in the USA, Pedro and Dorrit will share the great modern stories of our lineage, including their experiences with the Karma Guen Retreat Center, the Copenhagen Center, and their travels in Tibet, among others.

A major theme of the tour is "transmission" — the passing down of history, stories and direct experience in the style of the oral tradition of the Kagyu lineage.


June 30 - July 4 Freedom of Mind Course at Dakini Ranch (Colorado)
July 6 Lecture in Minneapolis
July 7-9 Weekend at the Heartland Retreat Center (Ontario, Wisconsin)
July 10-11 Lectures in Austin
July 12 Lecture in Houston
July 13 Lecture in San Francisco
July 14-16 Weekend at the Western Retreat Center (California)
July 17-18 Lectures in Seattle
July 20 Lecture in New York City
July 21-23 Weekend at the Northeast Retreat Center (Middleburgh, NY)

See the links above for details on each leg of the tour.