The America’s Course starts on Thursday, the 27th at 18:00 and ends on Sunday, the 1st at lunchtime.

The site where the course will take place, is only 35 minutes from the airport. The recommended means of transport are:

• Airport Taxis. Before leaving the airport you can directly request a taxi. The estimated cost is $35 USD - $45 USD, and could possibly be divided among friends.

• UBER: For Uber, it is recommended to walk to the Bus Stop outside the airport, and request the Uber there, as the Uber can not stop in front of the direct entrance of the airport. The estimated cost is $ 16 USD - $ 30 USD and could possibly be divided among friends.

• There will be a group of friends at the airport February 27 to receive people during hours when most travelers arrive.

• The destination address to request with a Taxi or Uber is :

For Uber “Quinta Preciosa Santa Eulalia de Atenas”

For Waze: Quinta Preciosa Santa Eulalia de Atenas, Santa Eulalia, Provincia de Alajuela: