Diamond Way Buddhism

The Great Seal Course with Lama Ole Nydahl in San Diego, California, November 21-25 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the earliest time I can Check- In/Register at the Hotel?
3pm on Wednesday Nov 21st (It will go until 6pm at that location.)

I heard that there are TWO Hotels we are using. How do I know which one I will be staying in?
You will be given your Hotel assignment at the time of Registration.

Where do I need to go to get my Hotel / Room assignments?
EVERYONE will go to "The Dana on Mission Bay" to Check-In with the DW Registration team first. They will give you your room assignments and key.

What is the address of the place we need to go first to Check-In?
The Dana on Mission Bay
1710 W Mission Bay Dr.
San Diego, CA 92109

I don't have a US cell phone so can't down load an Uber app. How can I get to the Course site?
You can take a regular taxi . We will post a meeting place for DW friends to meet to share rides, cabs, etc

Where can I park my car and does it cost anything?
If you are stating at the Dana, you can park it anytime for free.
If you are staying at the Hyatt, you can park it for Free all day from 6am - 10pm. After that it is $10 per night. (Reduced from $38 per night)
We may be able to have Free parking at the Marina Village. Ask when you Check-In at the course.

Is it true there won't be Coffee/Tea Service in the Hyatt for the Gompa sessions?
There won't be Coffee/Tea service there, but we are welcome to fill a personal thermos at the Dining room in Marina Village and bring to the Gompa.

I heard it is always sunny and never rains in San Diego, is that true?
Generally it is very sunny, however it does rain occasionally, so it would be wise to bring an umbrella since we will be walking outdoors between course venues. Also the high temperatures will average around 68F/20C and the low temperatures 55F/12.78C. Be prepared for mild days and cool evenings.

Do I need to bring a meditation cushion?

Are there swimming pools at the hotels?
Yes, so be sure to bring swimwear. Even if the weather is not hot, there are also Jacuzzis.

I had a hip replacement and don't think I will be able to walk between the venues. How is this going to work?
We plan to have a voluntary shuttle service to help get you around.