Retreat Centers of the Americas - A Real Treat!

But don’t just take our word for it, come and see for yourself!

Besides giving ideal conditions for meditation practice, one thing that all the retreat centers in the Americas have in common is that they unify sangha, both on regional and national levels. They are becoming increasingly important vehicles for unifying across even broader distances, throughout the hemisphere, and hopefully throughout the world. We are ready and excited for your visit; please feel at home. ¡Mi casa es su casa!

Western Retreat Center - California, USA

The Western Retreat Center, located in the mountains of the Central Coast of California, features the “top of the world” views in the setting of acoustical and visual privacy, and supports sustainable, off-the-grid living, in harmony with the natural beauty of the surrounding area. The WRC offers rustic but comfortable conditions for individual or couple retreats, as well as monthly group meditation and work retreats.

Dakini Ranch - Colorado, USA

Dakini Ranch is at an altitude of over 8,900ft. (2,700m), with breathtaking views across the San Luis Valley to the 14,000ft. (4,300m) peaks of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. The inspiration and beauty of the place are as vast as the land itself, and one truly has the chance to feel the space of mind here.

Heartland Retreat Center - Wisconsin, USA

The joyful group dynamic and freedom of the Heartland Retreat Center are its greatest assets, which expresses our common view that the process is the product. The rolling hills and meditating in front of the life-size 16th Karmapa statue are also quite impressive.

"This place will surely benefit many. Thank you for your wide range of activities." -Lama Ole Nydahl

Northeast Retreat Center - New York, USA

Karma Dondrub Ling, "Place of Accomplishment", rests on a high plateau with 270 degree views of inspiring forested hills. The flat open fields at a high altitude show the freedom of space and allow our mind to see its own potential and richness.

"The nature of mind is beyond birth and death, coming and going and everything, and this is the type of place where you can realize that."
-Lama Ole Nydahl

Karma Palsang Ling - “All Good and Radiant Place” - Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Karma Palsang Ling, the “All Good and Radiant Place” in Villa de Leyva, Colombia appeared with a great transformative force of unity and consensus. In accordance with this principle, it will be the new host site for the annual Americas Course, where people gather from throughout the 10,000 mile (15,000 km) landmass of the Americas.

Karma Dechen Ling - “Land of Highest Bliss” - Lavalleja, Uruguay

"We have a really interesting place in Uruguay. It’s our meditation center there. It’s probably the oldest area in the world, what concerns the stones lying on the ground and so on. It is an amazing place.

It has really strong influence also on one’s meditation and it’s like an epic, it’s like a saga, the whole place. It’s very, very interesting. If you have any kind of chance, go there, do some meditation, help there, do whatever, but don’t miss it: IT’S AN AMAZING PLACE!”
- Lama Ole