Diamond Way Buddhism

Course with Lama Ole Nydahl in Wisconsin, Oct 11-14 2019

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Registration includes all lectures, catered meals, and lodging in hotel accommodations at the Grand Geneva.

Note: The course starts early on Friday at 3pm with a session with Lama Ole. If you travel from far away, we recommend flying on Thursday to Chicago, staying overnight in Chicago, then traveling to Lake Geneva in the morning on Friday.


Prices and early registration discount

There are three registration options: you can stay in a private room, in a 2-person room, or in a 4-person room. All rooms have two beds. If you're traveling with a partner, register separately and list each other as roommates on the form.

Register before August 15 to qualify for the discounted early price.

  • 4-person room: $480/person early price, $505 late price
  • 2-person room: $590/person early price, $615 late price
  • Private room: $785/person early price, $810 late price

If you're only attending part of the course, indicate your arrival and departure days on the form and your price will adjust accordingly.

Coming from overseas?

Following recommendations from Lama Ole's team, we're doing our best to maintain a balance between sangha from the Americas and friends from overseas. To do that, we're limiting registration to 175 overseas friends at the start. If we hit the limit before you register, you'll see a link on the registration page to sign up for a waitlist. Then after more registrations from the Americas come in and spots open up, we'll send an email to the waitlist inviting you to come try again.

Children and families

Meals for children (5-12) are $5.00 for breakfast, $7.50 for lunch, and $12.50 for dinner.

The registration form only calculates prices for adults (with adult meals and program costs). You will pay on site for any children age 5-12. The price of childrens' accommodations depends on the number of people in your room and how you register.

We recommend you include your children in your "per-person" room count when you register. For example, for a family of four with two children, choose the "4-person" room option. Each adult should register separately, indicate each other as roommates, and indicate the children. For a single parent coming with one child, register for the 2-person room option and indicate the number and age of children. The registration team will then work out the amount to pay for the children and the remaining cost of the room.

We know it can be confusing, so if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at oct2019registration@diamondway.org.