Diamond Way Buddhism

Course with Lama Ole Nydahl in Texas, Nov 27 - Dec 1, 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be childcare during the course?

YES! Childcare will be available for $108 per child for the entire course. You can also pay $5 per hour/per child if you do not require child care for the entire course.

What are the childcare hours?

Wednesday, November 27
None (Kid Zone rooms will be open)

Thursday, November 28 to Saturday, November 30
10 am to 1 pm
3 pm to 8 pm

Sunday, December 1
10 am to 5 pm

Can I utilize the childcare room without paying for childcare?

Of course, parents or other caregivers are welcome to bring their children into the Kid Zone. However, if you decide to leave them with a caregiver, you must sign in and pay $5 per hour.

My child is old enough to be unsupervised, where can they hang out?

We are offering multiple rooms in our Kid Zone. The “Meet and Connect” room will offer a place for unsupervised children to hang out. We will offer board games and a cozy environment for them. The media room is another room where kids can watch a movie or parents can watch streaming (during Lama Ole lectures). Older children will be held to the highest level of responsibility. If they are disrespectful to others or the hotel rules, we will ask that a guardian stay with them.

Can I bring my child into the Gompa during lectures?

If you bring your child into the Gompa during lectures, please be mindful of others. If they are running around or excessively loud, please take them to the streaming room and/or to the Kid Zone.

How do I sign up?

Please follow this link to sign up your child:
Childcare Sign Up Form

For your convenience, a payment link based on the hours you choose will then be provided to you in a follow-up email prior to the course.

For drop-in childcare, you can pay cash during the course.

No matter how you plan to utilize childcare, please let us know in advance so that we have the appropriate number of providers available.

Misty Cornell (mistycornell@gmail.com) can be reached with any questions.

What should I bring?

Most people bring their own meditation cushion and a blanket to sit on the floor. There will be chairs available.

If you choose the 4-person room when you register and don't want to share a bed, consider bringing a sleeping bag and mat.

I'm new to Diamond Way Buddhism. Can I attend the course?

Yes! We recommend visiting a Diamond Way Buddhist Center in your area before the course to get an introduction to the practice and participate in a guided meditation. Public meditation is offered at all of our centers on a weekly basis. Find a list of Diamond Way centers in the US at the bottom of the page here or a list of international centers here.

Why is the course priced the way it is?

Every year we work hard to get the best prices at each course location. Essentially, the price you are paying is the cost of the room and food + $120 for the retreat program. We do our best to find affordable venues.

The price of venues depends on many factors, including the time of year, demand from other events in the area (like the Chicago marathon in the case of the October course this year), and contract details that prevent a major loss in case Lama Ole had to cancel or reschedule the program.

In addition to helping us bring Lama Ole and his team to the course, the program fee also supports our national organization, Diamond Way Buddhism USA. DWB USA is responsible for sustaining and protecting Lama Ole's work in the US, administrating our non-profit status, printing Buddhism Today and all our books, as well as holding the legal responsibility for all activities that happen in our groups and centers. As with all other Diamond Way activities, our work is unpaid and based on idealism and friendship.  Its the same friends you see in the centers and events that are putting on our courses and taking care of our national organization. For more about our national organization visit Who We Are.