Buddhist Meditation

In Buddhism, meditation means "effortlessly remaining in what is". This state may be brought about by calming and holding the mind, when compassion and wisdom are realized, or by working with our bodies' energy channels and meditating on light forms of Buddhas.

However the most direct way to recognize the true nature of one's mind is the Guru Yoga meditation, as practiced in the Karma Kagyu centers around the world. Also called "the way of identification" - this is the essence of the Kagyu transmission where students realize their full potential in the stream of their teacher's blessing. Since a total identification on the level of perfection presses countless "enlightenment buttons" in one's subconscious, it is a very fast way to realize one's original awareness. Here, the mutually conditioned, dependently originating nature of things is clearly recognized - a precondition to the ultimate insight that seer, seeing and object seen are inseparable parts of the same totality.

Being able to maintain this view during and between the times of meditation brings about the goal of Vajrayana - realization of the Mahamudra. All concepts fade when it is imparted, and the self-liberation of all dualistic processes becomes completely natural. Translating as "The Great Seal" the Mahamudra authenticates the mind's space, clarity and limitlessness to be the only reality.

Liberation and Enlightenment

In the process of becoming liberated, one first discovers that body, thoughts and feelings are in a constant state of change and flux. There is therefore no basis for a real existing ego or "self". One stops feeling like a target, taking one's suffering personally. When one thinks "there is suffering" instead of "I suffer", one becomes invulnerable and free.

Enlightenment is the second and ultimate step. On these highest levels of realization one stops to separate things according to one's likes and dislikes. One's projections, attachment and ill will disappear and for the first time things are seen the way they really are. Here, the clear light of mind radiates through every experience. Past, present and future, "here" or "there", - all are expressions of mind's timeless richness. In enlightenment, mind naturally manifests fearlessness, joy and active compassion while remaining effortless and spontaneous in whatever happens.