Lama Ole's Support


Lama Ole Nydahl, April 1, 2012

Dear Diamond Way friends in the Americas and everywhere,

While oil prices still allow most who want to travel to do so, and the liquefaction of shale gas will give us long-sought freedom from moslim influence on our societies, getting to know one’s own continent and neighboring cultures will never lose its charm or importance.

Though less impressive when looking at a globe, also visiting the world nearby can yield unending richness. Exciting events happen everywhere, and it can be just as interesting to become familiar with the potential of one’s own surroundings as to visit places beyond distant oceans. The recent coming together of America’s two Buddhist cultures, the Anglo and the Hispanic, was a fine example of discovering this. Travelling together in the blessing-field of the Diamond Way, Buddha’s ultimate teachings, became a great source of recognizing and sharing in your American neighbors’ cultural richness, their idealism and insights, and the close and inspiring perspective of sharing the same methods and ultimate goal.

Your recent joint bus tour, Vaya con Dilia, was a fine opening on several levels, and the good connecting seeds thus planted will certainly mature into further human growth.

The freedom obtained through visiting other cultures places people in a satisfying “both-and” view. It enables them to choose from a fuller range of possibilities, while most without this experience are caught in the narrow “either-or” offered by only one kind of background. In addition, in civilized parts of the world, where the equality of the sexes is secured and the freedom of – and above all FROM –religion has been fought for and won, seeing further solutions in other cultures can be most eye-opening.

Having a leg in both Americas and with so much interesting development between the Yukon and Uruguay, every dharmic exchange among you all will become an awakening and a great joy.

This applies also and especially to traveling teachers: if some have been busy in the Latin part for years, it’s good to be also invited from the North, and vice versa. The additional bridges created will benefit both Americas.

Staying connected like this – in addition to the all-important streamings worldwide – brings us together and strengthens us on many levels. It is an intelligent investment in our future. We have several fine teachers in South America, some very skilled and organized ones taking care of Central America, and a band of seasoned and excellently trained ones across the US and Canada. Keeping our regions informed of meaningful local affairs, as well as communicating events of general importance from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and whichever new places may come up, will be highly fulfilling for all. It will become a really useful addition to the flow of information we get through Buddhism Today and our other shared media.

Milewise, you are the longest sequence of continents anywhere. From the North of Canada and Alaska to Patagonia in the South, from the icebergs to the penguins, it is all yours. You have constitutions promising – or hoping – to guarantee human freedom, and can mostly even reach everywhere, except for Cuba, on wheels!

These are amazing conditions not found elsewhere in the world. Affordable buses – and enough time – are usually the best medium for sharing this experience. Combining the visit of a teacher with the wish of different travelling groups to learn, ask questions, meditate, or open up to new parts of the world has proven effective, especially with smaller distances between centers, like in Europe.

Being from a recently settled part of the world, you are hopeful, bright and full of initiative. Several of us have been friends since the seventies, and in different ways after that we have found the blessing to do important work for our Diamond Way Karma Kagyu lineage. We enjoyed supporting its growth and passing on the teachings to others, as you will see in my books Entering the Diamond Way and Riding the Tiger. And please continue helping in any of the ways open to you. I will keep visiting and can be increasingly useful if we pool our talents and contacts. Together we will make that happen!

Good luck from the EC!


Lama Ole

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