Centers Meeting (fall)

Every year on a set weekend in October, sanghas in the Americas are organizing regional or local meetings to talk about how we run our centers. These gatherings coincide with the Centers Meeting in Braunschweig, the one time per year when our international sangha can speak directly with Lama Ole, Caty, and each other solely about centers. A handful of centers in the Americas are already using the Braunschweig weekend in this way, and we’re now encouraging the whole hemisphere to join in on it. Even though we’re at our home center, coordinating our meetings together lets us ride on the collective power of our sangha worldwide. The local meetings can tune in to some of the Braunschweig sessions through streaming, and organize their own program as they wish. There’s also lots of space for spontaneously connecting with other centers through Skype, and a few centers can also Skype with the big group of 600+ friends in Braunschweig. Before these meetings take place, we can also get our minds thinking about what topics are in the air—what questions we really have regarding the centers. We always have a few American friends in Braunschweig who can help relay what comes in from the Americas. If your centers have focused questions, feel free to send them to We can also extend the effect of the centers meeting in Braunschweig in our home sanghas. By enacting and reflecting on what comes up there, we can dig deeper or clarify our understanding a month later at our own national gatherings when Lama Ole is in our hemisphere. Ideally, this will become a new tradition where the wisdom from the October meeting flows into our gatherings when Lama Ole is with us.

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