Americas Course (winter)

AC addThe Americas Course is a new annual event in late February / early March organized among all fourteen countries in the Americas that have Diamond Way centers. These courses give us a chance to meditate, share teachings, and work together–building on the great example of our lama and cultivating confidence in our friendships and collective wisdom. The first Americas Course kicked off in February 2014 in Cancún, Mexico, where 160 friends came together for our largest course in the hemisphere to date in the absence of Lama Ole. Friends joined in from around ten different countries, with some flying from as far as Chile and Canada. The course was imbued with a precious secret teaching–our lama felt ever present in the joy and insight we bring out in each other. The Americas Course represents a powerful turning point as we establish Diamond Way Buddhism in the hemisphere. Momentum for such an international event has been growing for many years, especially as more and more American friends have come home from our International Summer Course at the Europe Center with deep inspiration to share. Cancún will host our Americas Course 2015 once again; more information and registration is available here. Americas course

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