Americas Adventure 2016 – Beaufoy Calling!

Our Americas Adventures are an experience beyond words. We enjoy the big crowd and direct blessing of our Lama during the summer course at the Europe Center, and then share the experience of other centers, where connections deepen.

The visits to these European centers are like pilgrimages where we see fine examples, learn and share what we can. This year, instead of a tour, we will spend all our time living in the amazing center of London Beaufoy!! Along with the usual program, we will participate in renovation work during several days, which brings us a new level of integration to the grand projects we visit on the Americas Adventures.

One other major difference to other years is that everyone should arrange their own travel from the EC to London. Busses for such a distance, especially when crossing the English Channel, tend not to save us money, like on the nearer overland (not over water) tours of the first three years. However, there are some very low airfares from Memmingen (45 minutes from the EC) or Munich (2 hours from the EC). We repcommend that people pack as lightly as they can, fly to Europe via London, and book one round trip ticket from there to either of these two cities on the budget airlines for the course.

You can check out the whole program in the Americas adventure Website.

Also you can register for it in this form: Registration Form

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