Meditation of the Americas

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In June 2011, some of the Latin American centers started a monthly meditation, where friends from across the Americas get together online to meditate on the last Thursday of every month.

The idea came after having Lama Ole in our region and deciding to do something to deepen our bonds. This was easy because we all share the same language. We checked the idea, of course, with Lama Ole, and he only suggested that the meditation should be guided by a known face (our travelling teachers).

The first time we did it, our hair stood up because it was so exciting and meaningful. . . We’ve continued to meditate together, and more and more centers have joined in. The centers meditating together at present are Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Minneapolis, and more to come.

The last Thursday of every month, we get together on Google+ at 7:00 PM UTC-5 (i.e. 7pm in New York, Bogota, Lima) to do our main meditation, the 16th Karmapa Meditation, and we invoke our protectors afterwards. Depending on who’s online, we can come to an agreement concerning the language in which we do the meditation.

If you want to join the meditation, you only need to create a gmail account for your center, and sign up for google+.  Then please send your google+ name to this email: dwbcaracas(at) and you will be added to the circle of friends. Any questions you may have, please send them to the same email account.

We look forward to meditating with you!

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