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The Americas Project brings to life the activity of our Europe Center (EC) across the Atlantic. Nestled in the foothills of the German Alps, the EC is the official seat of Lama Ole and the Diamond Way organization, and the main meeting point for all Diamond Way centers worldwide. But above all, the EC is an international mindset—a beating heart for the living and dynamic transmission of our great Lama Ole and the Kagyu Lineage. The Americas Project first came to life at the EC, where friends from throughout the Americas began meeting at the annual International Summer Course. We continue to come with droves of friends to the EC Summer Course every year, and the EC mission is thriving in our own projects and events — like our annual Americas Course or in our monthly Meditation of the Americas. Sangha friends in the Americas are very welcome to get involved directly at the Europe Center, whether by attending or working on a team at the Summer Course or through an extended stay at the EC as a long-term guest. As a living Buddhist transmission, our Diamond Way practice is fueled by the deep friendships and insights that come through this personal contact with our teachers and sangha. 2012_SC_impressions_01_31

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