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Americas Adventure 2016 – Beaufoy Calling!
04 December

Americas Adventure 2016 – Beaufoy Calling!

Our Americas Adventures are an experience beyond words. We enjoy the big crowd and direct blessing of our Lama during the summer course at the Europe Center, and then share the experience of other centers, where connections deepen.

The visits to these European centers are like pilgrimages where we see fine examples, learn and share what we can. This year, instead of a tour, we will spend all our time living in the amazing center of London Beaufoy!! Along with the usual program, we will participate in renovation work during several days, which brings us a new level of integration to the grand projects we visit on the Americas Adventures.

One other major difference to other years is that everyone should arrange their own travel from the EC to London. Busses for such a distance, especially when crossing the English Channel, tend not to save us money, like on the nearer overland (not over water) tours of the first three years. However, there are some very low airfares from Memmingen (45 minutes from the EC) or Munich (2 hours from the EC). We repcommend that people pack as lightly as they can, fly to Europe via London, and book one round trip ticket from there to either of these two cities on the budget airlines for the course.

You can check out the whole program in the Americas adventure Website.

Also you can register for it in this form: Registration Form

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04 December, 2016 more
Americas Course 2016 in Villa de Leyva!
04 December

Americas Course 2016 in Villa de Leyva!

Let’s do it again! This time in COLOMBIA! The gateway to South America.

  1. Americas Course Feb 25-28, 2016
  2. Also – for those who have finished with their Ngondro and plan to come early we have an 8th Karmapa Course in February 20 – 24 with Maxi from Austria!

In Colombia, we have a new Diamond Way Buddhist retreat center, where we can share the Buddha’s teachings with our friends and where we will be hosting our third annual AMERICAS COURSE in 2016. As the previous two years, the course takes place the last weekend in February. We are leaving the beach of Cancun and heading for the mountains of Colombia where the unmistakeable aroma of fresh coffee awaits us, as well as all our lovely friends from all the different countries of the Americas. The course will take place in Karma Palsang Ling (KPL), a Diamond Way Buddhist retreat center. More information: Email: Registration form: We invite you to come and see all of the wonderful things that are happening in Colombia! 12401878_719519808080272_8818258895631471050_o

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Americas Adventure 2015 4/5: Budapest!
31 December

Americas Adventure 2015 4/5: Budapest!

As you can read from the previous posts, the tour until the point of arriving at our main destination has been incredibly full of meaning. The story from Bratislava was remarkable – a true story about the power of dedication, never giving up, and remaining open to possibilities. This example felt very close to us, and we all surely made wishes to keep this style alive in everything we do. Now on to Budapest. This center is beyond words. The building occupies half a city block, with beautifully decorated walls towards the streets, and a Kagyu pure land inside. The building is a former Dreher beer factory, and has gone through multiple phases of renovations to be what it is today. More work is to be done (seems that it never stops – this was a theme everywhere), but the place is fully functional. The large gompa can easily fit 500 people, and there are possibilities to extend it across the courtyard and into the open, multi-use room on the other side. This hasn’t yet been tested, but it was built in such a way that they could fit 2000 people to have Lama Ole’s public lectures in the center instead of renting a space in the city!  A large (170cm tall) buddha statue, the same style as in the EC, Hamburg, and London, graces the vast space. It was inaugurated after the course in Beckse, roughly 6 weeks before our visit. The cafeteria was our main social space, a place for food, coffee, tea, and conversations during the day, and dancing during the night. Our hosts were definitely impressed by how much joy the folks from the Americas express through the regular celebrations. This does not only refer to parties, but simply how we like to build each other up and celebrate each other’s qualities, or simply show how much love we have for one another, often in loud ways with big smiles. Many of the travelers stayed in flats with people who live in the center, while others stayed in the dormitory. Spending five or more nights together in the center really supported that everyone felt at home. Many friends helped out with cleaning, cooking, and serving food. Gaining the experience of what it is like to live in such a city center was a major objective of this year’s tour, which was accomplished. It just turned out that it wasn’t all as expected. One thing we noticed was how important it is for such a representative, public place to keep its regular program. Anywhere from dozens to hundreds of people come to meditate every night at 7pm. We also attempted to put on an “Americas Course” during the weekend, but the dynamic in the city simply has a lot of movement. During the day time there is a lot of fluctuation, and we noticed how the energy gradually gathers in the center as the days move on. People did personal practice during the mornings, and we used the afternoons to learn about Budapest and share about the Americas. Many people chose to check out the captivating city during this time as well. By the evening everyone was home for meditation on 16th Karmapa, whether in English, Spanish, or Hungarian, and we enjoyed panels afterwards. These exchanges were certainly interesting and unique because of the dynamic between those presenting.

After the full-powered weekend in Budapest, we headed to Becske, which was full of magic. But we still had another night all together, and many friends stayed on for a few days. We used every moment we could to be together and celebrate the richness that lies within each of us.

Please join us for next year’s Americas Adventure in London Beaufoy!!!


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Central American course in El Salvador (KuIK)
28 December

Central American course in El Salvador (KuIK)

Beach, rain, and Karmapa Chenno. A house faces the beach. The ocean looks gray and it’s rainy. An open gompa holds attentive friends while Erik shares his 10 minute talk about the Teacher’s Importance in the Karma Kagyu Lineage. Outside, children play in the pool, more friends come and go helping with logistics: washing dishes, cleaning up the dining area, cooking lunch. This was our weekend. For second year in a row, friends from Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama and United States joined for a weekend of meditation, friendship, and fun at the Kurso Intensivo Kagyu (KuIK) at Costa Azul, El Salvador. Althought the idea of a sunny beach, tanned dakas, dakinis in bikinis, and waves in the ocean was clouded by rain, the weekend was a success. Friends from all participant sanghas prepared 10-minute talks following 16th Karmapa meditations. A total of 14 talks were given and hundreds of Karmapa Chennos recited from Friday to Sunday. On satuday’s night, after a “parrillada”, friends from the central american sangha shared the local activities at each center. We learned from daily meditation schedules, travelling teachers visits, and experiences at Europe Center Summer Course where the first central american video was shared to Lama Ole and 7 thousand friends more. A glimpse of the local activity, both inspiring and empowering. The day ended with a party that allowed everybody to get together and dance the only way Latin Kagyus do! Sunday met us without rain. After a strong breakfast, many friends enjoyed the beach before getting on a last set of 10-minute talks and 16th Karmapa meditation. After lunch, Guatemalan friends packed their tents, got dressed and with warm goodbyes, departed. Costa Rican and American friends stayed to help dismantle the course, leave the beach house clean, and drive back to San Salvador center. A regional joyful effort  The KuIK is the result of international inspiration. After sharing experiences during the “Vaya con John por Centroamérica” back in 2013, the idea to work together as a regional sangha emerged. It quickly developed into a regional course, strengthening not only the host country’s efforts, but all regional sangha bonds, benefiting from cross-country planning and organization. It is a joyful experience where working together is the way to hold both, the view and the lineage. The first KuIK took place in Guatemala’s living center in 2014. This year El Salvador took us to the beach, and the KuIK still has miles to go, taking us to Costa Rica for 2016 and Panama for 2017. Please, come and join us!

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28 December, 2015 more
Macarena Costa's tour in the Midwest
28 December

Macarena Costa's tour in the Midwest

Dear friends,
How amazing it is to meet and share experience!
On February I was on a tour in the Midwest, where I was invited to give some lectures. The program started with a weekend at the Heartland Retreat Center (HRC), where we shared teachings and meditation powered by the new big golden 16th Karmapa statue. Every time I entered the gompa or opened my eyes while meditating I could not avoid the ‘wow’ feeling inside. More than 30 people from the different centers of the region joined us for the weekend, and it was very inspiring to see how strong and joyful the friendship bonds are in this part of the world.

After the HRC, we headed to Minneapolis (and I say “we” because there were always friends traveling along). Minneapolis was as cold as it was interesting. For the first time, our local friends there rented a hall for a Diamond Way teacher. They wanted to try a new place and see if they could reach more new people. Apparently, it worked! The hall was in a beautiful and modern cultural center in downtown, and more than 50 people attended the lecture. After the successful event, we spent hours laughing and talking in a bar nearby, and finally ended in the center’s kitchen playing guitar and singing until 3 am!

Minneapolis was followed by a two day program in La Crosse, where the local group organized both a public lecture in a University Hall and a lecture at our center. This time, four friends from Minneapolis joined Michael from Milwaukee (my very fun driver for the whole tour) and myself and enjoyed the beautiful road along the Mississippi River and a great time in La Crosse. This is where Diamond Way Buddhism first appeared in the Midwest or Heartland region.

Now, it was time for Madison. The small center there was packed with local friends who joined the intense weekend program, with two lectures a day and many meditation sessions. A couple of Hungarian Kagyus who had moved there some years ago reminded me how amazing it is to work  beyond boundaries, using different languages, experiencing different cultures and background, and enriching each other’s understanding and experience.

Finally, we visited Chicago. This city is so cool! Everywhere you look you see interesting shapes and colors, even on a cold, grey day. The center there is a just as great as the area: a beautiful large house where 6 friends live together with lots of space to hang out, cook and meditate. We had a program of two evening lectures at the center with a bunch of fun friends who kept me up all night before leaving the city. It was almost impossible to say “no” to such good company.

Lastly, the Americas Course was the cherry on the cake! I left the snow boots and the feather jacket behind and put on sandals and a bikini and enjoyed the Mexican paradise of Cancun! It was the first time for me in the Americas Course, and for sure it won’t be the last. Our continent is no doubt growing and maturing, and the blessing of the lineage can be felt very intensively when we are together.

THANKS TO ALL who contributed in any way to make this awesome experience possible.
May we meet and inspire each other again,

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28 December, 2015 more
Cecilia Blasquez tour in the USA (Colorado, New Mexico and Texas). March 2015
23 December

Cecilia Blasquez tour in the USA (Colorado, New Mexico and Texas). March 2015

The tour in the USA was for a Little longer than three weeks, I was invited by Tom and Misty Cornell, they organized the tour, along with the help of all the friends. The places I went were Colorado, Denver; New México, Sta. Fe and Albuquerque; Texas, Dallas, Houston, Clear Lake, Austin and San Antonio. There was a lot of activity, giving a lecture every day and we also had four intense weekends were we combined sharing information, questions and answers and meditation. We made very strong nice contacts and deep friendships, strengthening our work between USA and México, this will be more important each time. I think we can definitively learn and inspire each other, with the great idealism, power and capacity to organize from our friends in the USA and the enthusiasm, openness and activity from the Latin countries. We were so inspire with each other that we want to organize a new years course in México city – a Texmex Buddhist meditation course in the end of December of this year (a great idea from Chris Lofton). We stayed the first weekend in Denver, with wonderful Daria, Charles and girls, with the group, very solid center, they have a key center were people join to practice, they also have great plans and activity for development of the Dakini Ranch retreat place. It was beautiful to share our time together. Then we went to Santa Fe and Albuquerque. In Sta. Fe they will build a key center in the garage of Ben and Hannia´s house, Kim and Willy and two more friends are also pillars of the center, there is great motivation too. They also have a meditation group at the University of Sta. Fe for students, some are interested in Buddhism, They practice in the university in a weekly basis. The University is where the XVI Karmapa gave a Black Crown Ceremony. They organized a lecture there, many students came. In Albuquerque, there is a wide and beautiful Gompa in Kathleen and Shawns house. There is a solid and nice group meditating there. We enjoyed a lot spending time together, meditating and going for walks in the mountains. It is wonderful to see Diamondway activity in these wonderful areas. In Dallas there is a fresh group starting with new people with a lot of motivation in Alex place, and more people are joining. The activities of the group are shared between all members. Which help for the development of the group. In Houston, there are two centers, the center where Misty, Jim, Tom and other friends go, is very solid, many people join and there is a lot of practice, we had a very intense and wonderful weekend course together. And the other center in Houston Downtown, in Megs beautiful big house, they are starting a very nice group of friends meditating there in a weekly basis and we also had a weekend course there, both groups were working together very nicely, with friends from Austin and Clear lake joining. With great meditation practice, lectures and partying together a lot of growth just happens, and the possibility to build the basis for a retreat place becomes also more real. They raised 2,000 Dollars for their Texas Retreat Place. This would be a great place where we can also join for retreats and courses from México. In Clear Lake, we spend some days together, giving lectures, meditating and sharing, this is a very solid and dynamic group with great potential to share the methods with many more people. Combining young, fresh and active people with other with years of experience, the possibility that gives to work together brings a lot of learning in a joyful and rich way. Austin is a great big Center, many people joined the weekend course. We had a great meditation and course together in their beautiful center. It is a living center, were 6 people live and everyone is very active supporting the centers activity. In this area there is also a lot of dharma work, with Chris, Sergio, Simone and Jeremy teaching Buddhism in Universities. Some join the centers. There is a great activity in the center in a weekly basis. In San Antonio, were Sergio is living in the moment, there was a lecture in a public place, many friends from Sergio, Chris came and seemed very interested. They have been joining meditation sessions at a library, so they knew about Buddhism. It was a wonderful experience to share our teacher´s teachings, follow our Lama´s example and teachings and make great connection among the Sangha members. This was possible thanks to the powerfield of our Lamas, their blessing and their methods. Also to the openness of our friends in the USA. Thank you, Yours, with Love, Cecilia.

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23 December, 2015 more
Americas Adventure 2015 3/5 Bratislava : The Power of Bratislava – The joy of the Americas
20 December

Americas Adventure 2015 3/5 Bratislava : The Power of Bratislava – The joy of the Americas

After leaving the beautiful Vienna again we got on our bus on the way to Bratislava, Slovakia. Probably many of us never have imagined visiting a country like this, so we expected many surprises here. Buddhist Statues Exhibition in Bratislava Some friends of Bratislava, had reached Vienna the day before, anticipating that we would not be long in Bratislava, they prepared a presentation showing an interesting event they had organized: A Buddhist Statue Exhibition in the city of Bratislava. The exhibition was called “Space and Joy,” was conducted by an international team. All artifacts came from private collections and from Diamond Way Buddhist centers. The exhibition represented the basic aspects of Buddhist art. They range from large statues to thangkas of 300 years old. Some of the Buddha statues in union aroused curiosity among journalists, who then wrote comments like “sex also can be enjoyed by a Buddha.” As the exhibition, visitors also enjoyed a highly entertaining program: meditation, guided tours, public lectures, films and workshops. Every visitor had the opportunity to create his or her own tsa- tsa, a Buddhist form made of plaster.

Due to the success and popularity of the exhibition the museum suggested a three-week extension because of the enormous public interest. The exhibition was a great success and attracted the interest of many media. Many also could watch it in video and more than 9000 people visited the exhibition.   Arrival at Bratislava Center After a few hours of journey we finally reached the new center in Bratislava. Upon arrival, the friends make us the warning that it is still a construction site so walk carefully. We sat in what would soon be the gompa and friends began to share with us their story… Since 2008 Bratislava’s friends had begun to raise funds to purchase a city center, but in parallel also had a time of transition in their meditation centers. In 2012 the friends were searching through all Bratislava looking for places available for a city center. It was until 2013 when they finally found a building that belonged to a hospital, which was not being used for 10 years. The conditions were perfect for the center. After receiving several recommendations from different sources, they decided that this would be a good place for a the center. The purchase of the place They had finally found a place, so the first thing was to see if the place was for sale. After contacting the hospital, the hospital told them that in fact they had tried to sell it at an auction earlier but found they were bribes involved, so the auction was stopped at that time. Fortunately for friends of Bratislava, after that, the hospital had changed the director and there was a possibility that it could open the auction process again. In one of the visits of Lama Ole to Bratislava, friends showed him photos of the place, Lama Ole after seeing them immediately said “Karma Dondrub Ling” without hesitation, the “Place of accomplishments”. This was the signal that they should do everything possible to acquire the place. Later on, friends would learn that the auction for the purchase of the site had opened the day Lama Ole arrived. The outlook seemed favorable for the acquisition. Bratislava’s friends quickly began to gather all the requirements to participate in the auction. The auction would be a sealed envelope auction, meaning the they only had one chance to bid and the highest bid would win. The minimum to enter the auction would be 300 thousand euros. In addition they must show legal documentation that they had money, and also other legal requirements. Friends were advised all the time by Lama Ole and also had the support of a friend of the sangha of Poland, who had extensive experience in the acquisition of Diamond Way centers. They knew that this friend of Poland does not usually pay more money for things. When he saw the place, his recommendation was to put between 100 and 200 thousand euros plus to their offer, he told them that it was very rare to find places like this still available and it was worth it. And so they had prepared their offer along with all the necessary paperwork and applied to the process. Eventually the answer would come … Another contestant would win by an offer of 10 thousand euros more! And also the Bratislava’s friends offer would be disqualified for lack of a document! It would seem that the acquisition of the site was becoming more and more complicated. But Bratislava’s friends were still working and meditating together at their centers and decided to try to acquire this place from the winner of the auction. They would contact the winner of the auction. And try to make an offer; the winner of this auction really did not have clarity on what would happen with the place. There were conditions of high uncertainty, the friends were still in contact and invited him to meet its center and to share their idealism. After a long period of time in which it was not possible to contact the person, they began to believe that probably they would not get the place. Until one day, one of the most active friends in the process had a dream in which he was in the place that would be the city center and Lama Ole gave him the blueprints of the new building, casually that day he receive a call from Lama Ole commenting that he also had a dream with the place. That day, a call was received from the owner, indicating that they would make a deal to sell the place. The power of Bratislava – The joy of the Americas

“And then we got it!”…

After hearing this phrase and this incredible story of power by the friends of Bratislava, all friends of the Americas were very inspired by this incredible story of perseverance and power of the sangha, we stand up in our places and applaud and shout for such a great feat. Bratislava! Bratislava! Bratislava! As we continued clapping and making a wave from side to side in the lounge. It was an incredible moment where the Americas really felt lots of joy with the achievement of Bratislava.

Meditation and Farewell After so much joy, we decided this was a great moment for doing a 16th Karmapa meditation in the place. We meditate together and then Bratislava’s friends shared a delicious lunch with us. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Finally, we were able to visit the center in its present state the place is under construction. As we walk the rooms and halls under construction, we were thinking what an amazing place, probably in five years when we come back we’ll see this place full of friends meditating and working together. What a great opportunity to see the work of our friends in Bratislava. Then our buses started to get ready. We said goodbye to all the friends, we got this great experience together and so we took a new course towards a new center. Next stop … Budapest! Kyjevska

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Americas Adventure 2015 2/5: Vienna!
16 December

Americas Adventure 2015 2/5: Vienna!

After getting back on track, we could finally recover our lunch and stop on the way to go to the bathroom and eat quietly in a rest stop. So again we set off for Vienna! The heat in the bus became quite intense, but we managed to put some kind of music and have a festive atmosphere in the buses. Vienna’s friends contacted us and told us they were waiting us in the center to share some drinks and tapas. This gave us an extra motivation for the heat and fatigue. We arrived in town at night, almost at 22:00, we started to download our luggage, it was a bit chaotic. Friends from Mexico and Venezuela living in Vienna came to our arrival, they would be the ones that would guide us towards the center of the city of Vienna, and so we started walking through the streets. Suddenly we started seeing a sign that said “Café Potyka”, whose name was very familiar, as Anna Potyka has traveled extensively through our centers in the Americas. We knew immediately that the center must be very close. The center in Vienna We arrived at night to the center, they had a very large hall at the entrance, again we were all moving quickly to check out the gompa and greet the friends. Friends in Vienna generously were waiting us with tapas and a cocktail.

We started sharing with friends, and they gave us a kindly warning that seemed to come a bit late. The center is located in front of a hospital, so friends were asking us to please not talk on the street to not cause discomfort. Minutes later, we would have a visit from the local authorities there, fortunately nothing serious happened. City Tour The next day, friends kindly help us to coordinate two tours around the city, so we split into two groups. This time our guide was prepared with a sign to be located easily. Thanks to this tour organized friends, we could enjoy and learn a little of the history of Vienna and Austria. We were all surprised by the elegance and the predominant architectural style in Vienna. Each building with a history of several hundred years and places were many historical characters lived, especially one of the most famous musicians of our time: Mozart. History Center Vienna Vienna has an interesting aspect, it has more than 50 traditions of Buddhism, all systems and Buddhist traditions have been represented in Vienna. Diamond Way Buddhism in the West had its beginnings in Austria mainly in Graz, one of the first places where Lama Ole gave teachings. As many centers in the beginning, Vienna was involved in many separations. Vienna had become one of the main points of communication with Asia, the information passed through Vienna. The first separation occurred when Lama Ole was the first to doubt the Tibetan system, which was influenced by politics and by China. A second separation occurred when two different groups decided to follow different Lamas. The friends of the center managed to keep going and had to set up everything all over again and in 2000 they had the visit of the 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje. From this moment they had an exponential development. Lama Ole meanwhile advised them to become a middle point between the centers of Hamburg and Graz, Hamburg the modern center of Germany with a single kitchen in which all the friends share the cooking and Graz one of the very first centers in Austria. The current center is a key center, the building is provided by one of the friends of the sangha, currently there are living Buddhist and non-Buddhist friends inside the building. And the owner has allowed to remove some apartments kitchens to create a shared kitchen. Some apartments even keep their kitchens, but they are few. In this way they have managed to generate the center they currently have. Meditation and Panel of DWB Teachers After hearing the center’s history, we had a meditation on the 16th Karmapa together, later we ate together and shared with all friends from Vienna. Finally, to close the day we had a panel of DWB Teachers with whom we had a very interesting session of questions and answers. We concluded the day with the recitation of Mahakala. The friends with more energy decided to leave to celebrate somewhere in the city. The next day, we woke up early. Friends helped us prepare a breakfast, we thanked them for their hospitality and headed towards the next center.

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Americas Adventure 2015 1/5: Salzburg!
16 December

Americas Adventure 2015 1/5: Salzburg!

After an amazing summer course at EC, with Lama Ole and the 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje, we spent two more days in EC supporting the friends in the build down, intense and full of joyous effort work. After sharing in the large cafeteria, meditating on the Gompa and working with friends, we finally set our departure. Good morning! We say between ears while we gradually came to the meeting point, and believe it or not South Americans were arriving early. Being more than 90 people on a bus ride, a bit of disorder and chaos is natural, especially when trying to enter the luggage of two buses with different friends who need to stay in different places. The drivers of our buses, from Hungary, probably do not know what journey awaits for them; we do good wishes for them to be patient and try not to cause much trouble. Naturally a group of wonderful friends from Mexico and the United States start gathering us together and communicate the agenda, and they explain to us the conditions of the trip. They would be responsible for doing the best to keep us on the agenda and not lose anyone. We shared a breakfast we had prepared previously while buses arrive; incredibly we leave two minutes before 8:00 which was planned in the schedule. It seemed that this time we were on time, we said goodbye to the EC and its new project, recalling the wonderful course that we had and the days with our Lamas. On the way down, we started to have our first arrears. In the narrow road we find three trucks coming in the opposite direction, and had to take turns to go. We manage to get through at 8:30. We enjoyed the scenery of Alpsee Lake along the way and finally started to leave Immenstadt. The friends begin to talk and meet along the way, others decide to take some rest. We spent several hours of travel, until we finally see the Danube on the road; Latinos on arrival to Salzburg start to joke that this must be the land of the “salsa” and “hamburger”. We arrived at the parking place in the center of the city, we see several friends from the local sangha, we got off the buses and we speak to the drivers to agree with a time to meet. While the buses are departing, we realize that the lunch we had prepared was in them, we would have to wait a few hours later to eat, we did not give much attention and focus on sharing with friends in Salzburg. Salzburg and its Stupa We walked through the city streets until we finally we reached an apartment building. We climbed the steps excited to see the center, we were taking pictures, seeing the city, greeting people in the streets. The center of Salzburg is a key center, an apartment located in the city center, it was originally opened in 1999 and it used to be a ballet school. Quickly we begin to see the kitchen areas, sharing spaces, dharmashop and of course the gompa. 2015_08_12_American_Sangha_visits_Sbg_bw_-8884 The friends in the center generously shared coffee and make us a present: A picture book about the building of Salzburg Stupa. We naturally decided to give this gift to our friends with Cuba, so they can share the inspiration with friends there.

We started to hear about the stupa of Salzburg, and noticed that this stupa has a peculiarity, is built in a public place. Fully accessible to everyone. This surprised many, and of course we wonder, how do they do it? Friends tell us that they had the support of two very influential friends in the municipality who made all this possible. Salzburg being a city with a high density of churches of all kinds, this is an amazing feat. Road to stupa We quickly decided to leave for the stupa, led by friends of Salzburg. On the road we needed some sign or signal to follow our guide, this sign would come in the form of a disco party ball in a selfiestick, which would lead us to the stupa. We toured the city center, until we arrived at an old theater, from there we start to climb stairs to reach the stupa. From above we saw a lot of churches, with impressive architecture and we realized the great feat to have a stupa at a place like this, and interestingly the stupa is at a great height watching over the city. After climbing up the hill, some a little more exhausted than others by the heat wave that is present in this European summer, finally began to see in the distance the golden color of the sun and the moon at its tip. Finally we arrived at the stupa! We started to walk around it and to recite mantras. We enjoyed the place and the view of the stupa, also we contemplate his golden Buddha inside. Amazing that exists in a public place like this. Finally we see our clock, we are just minutes away. We took a picture with the whole group to give to Lama Ole. We decided to sing together Mahakala around the stupa and finally undertake the descent. We got to the whereabouts on time, our bus arrived in a few minutes. We said goodbye to our hosts in Salzburg and thank them for their time and we extend invitations if one day they decide to go through the Americas, to let us know! 2015_08_12_American_Sangha_visits_Sbg_bw_-9008 Update #1 After sending the picture in the Salzburg Stupa to Lama Ole, he replied the following :

We just left the great Plana Stupa, opened the email and saw you all in front of the Salzburg one.
We truly share wisdom – inner, outer and secret, and may all you Americans thoroughly enjoy your way through the many sided richness of Europe.

Looking forward to seeing you all and enjoy!
Yours, Lama Ole

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Gyalwa Karmapa Arrives to EC
16 December

Gyalwa Karmapa Arrives to EC

Thousands of students met at night in front of thevilla houseto receive HH the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje who came from Dhagpo in France. Some of us could only see part of his head, but we all felt his power field the moment he stepped out of the car. Everything was joy, applause and laughter. Before the arrival, most people supported the team with the final preparations. Everything was shining clean, perfectly decorated inside and outside the house. The eight auspicious symbols, made from sand, decorated the entrance of the villa where Karmapa walked by. Grateful for the warm welcome, he entered the house to have some rest and Lama Ole shared a few words before following him: “This is a historical moment. You have had to said many om mani peme hung and karmapachenno mantras in your past lives, to have the conditions you have here right now. Please suck all the good vibrations that we have here, absorb all the good impressions as much as you can and shine on the world and all the people you meet in this life, who have the good karma to meet you. You are the best students.” After the feeling of goose bumps left our bodies, we let the lamas rest saying goodbye with a wave of applause filled with love and still with tears in our eyes we went to continue the party.

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